Bradley C. Dallin

Credentials: B.S. University of Utah

Position title: Graduate Student


Phone: he/him/his

Room 2029, 1415 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI 53706



Brad is from Holden, Utah. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with minors in Chemistry and Physics from the University of Utah in the Spring of 2016. Brad joined the Van Lehn group in the Fall of 2016.


The hydrophobic effect is the association of nonpolar materials in an aqueous environment through water-mediated interactions. This phenomenon is essential to the stability, structure, and function of biological molecules. Understanding the molecular details of the hydrophobic effect would enable the design of materials with engineered hydrophobicity through fine-tuning physical and chemical surface properties. My current focus utilizes classical molecular dynamics and enhanced sampling techniques to gain a fundamental understanding of the relationship between surface properties, interfacial water structure, and hydrophobic interactions at the nanoscale.


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1. B. C. Dallin, H. Yeon, A. R. Ostwalt, N. L. Abbott, and R. C. Van Lehn. “Molecular Order Affects Interfacial Water Structure and Temperature-Dependent Hydrophobic Interactions between Nonpolar Self-Assembled Monolayers.” Langmuir 201935(6), 2078-2088. [Link]