Tianyi (Herry) Jin

Position title: CBE Undergraduate

Email: tjin24@wisc.edu

Phone: he/him/his


Herry was born and raised in Shanghai, China. He is working towards a dual bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. Herry joined the Van Lehn group in the Spring of 2019. In his free time, he likes to play volleyball.


Bacteria are known to communicate by evaluating their local population density through quorum sensing (QS). N-Acyl homoserine lactone (AHL) is a class of signaling molecules involved in QS, and the length of R-group side-chain of AHL produced by different bacteria differs. My research focuses on developing and applying molecular simulations, in conjunction with COSMO-RS, to understand the self-assembly mechanisms of AHL molecules and elucidate how the assembly of AHL interaction with other biomolecules. The results from these computational tools would give insight into the design of drug delivery.