Josh Richardson

Credentials: B.S. University of Florida

Position title: CBE Graduate Student


Phone: he/him/his


Josh was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. He previously attended the University of Florida, where he
earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in May 2020. Josh joined the Van Lehn group in
Fall 2021. Outside of research, Josh enjoys playing tennis, reading, and trying new foods.


I am interested in the application of computational techniques to better understand the interaction of
nanoparticles with cell lipid bilayers. In particular, I’m utilizing molecular dynamics simulations to study
the mechanism of nanoparticle insertion into single-component bilayers as well as machine learning
models to aid in screening and discovery of cell-penetrating nanoparticles. The motivation of this
research is for biomedical applications in the fields of protein and drug delivery, bioimaging, and gene