Welcome to the Van Lehn Group!

We are a group in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We develop and apply molecular simulation methods to characterize, predict, and engineer the physicochemical properties of synthetic and biological soft materials. We broadly seek to uncover relationships between nanoscale properties and macroscopic behavior in order to inform materials design, and particularly focus on understanding interactions at complex, multicomponent interfaces. We study a range of systems, including nanoparticles, peptides, surfactants, and polymers, for applications in drug delivery, biosensing, molecular recognition, catalysis, and self-assembly.

  • Honors for both Samartha and Jonathan

    Two graduate students earned nice honors recently: Samartha received a graduate student travel award for the Biophysical Society annual meeting and Jonathan was awarded the PPG Fellowship in CBE. Congratulations to you both!

  • Herry won poster prizes at AIChE!

    Herry Jin won poster prizes at AIChE: 1st place in Microbes at Biomedical Interfaces and 2nd place in the General Poster session. Bravo Herry!

  • Amy and Panzhang Joins the Group!

    Amy Qin and Panzheng (Pan) Zhou have joined the group as new graduate students. Welcome to the group, Amy and Pan!

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