Open Positions

The Van Lehn group will have openings for 1+ PhD students in Fall 2022. Details are the application process for consideration in the graduate program are available here: Note that individual professors do not admit students into the department. Admission is recommended by a faculty committee.

The Van Lehn group has multiple postdoctoral positions currently available in the broad areas of (1) predicting solvent effects on the separation of polymers and depolymerization products and (2) modeling substrate effects on interfacial adsorption in complex solvent environments. Postdocs will be expected to develop and apply computational modeling approaches (such as molecular dynamics simulations, machine learning techniques, and enhanced sampling methods) in close collaboration with experimentalists. Requirements include a PhD in chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science, or a related field and expertise in molecular simulations. Prior experience in simulations of soft materials is preferred. Interested applicants should email me ( with a copy of their CV and a brief research summary.